Simplified Web Services

Waterâ„¢ is a new all-purpose Web programming language that delivers both power and simplicity.

Water 3 beta now available

New deployment options for building stand-alone or server-side programs and more

Commercial runtime engine and tools

Clear Methods sells Steam, a commercial Water runtime engine and set of development tools, for adding sophisticated XML and Web service capabilities to products.

Water Rationale

Why Water? What problems does it solve? Distinguishing Features. Comparison with Java and JavaScript.

The Water Security model

Current high security systems are designed to withstand external attacks. The Water security model is designed to withstand internal attacks.

Using Water to Teach Computer Science

Water makes a good first language for teaching computer science and programming.

Maximize your security with Water

secured companies
+ 0
server corrections
+ 0
eliminated threats
+ 0
eliminated hardware
+ 0

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Water Security Architecture: What you Need to Know

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Water: Simplified Web Services and XML Programming

Streamlining Web Services and XML with Water!

Delve into the realm of web services and XML programming with Water, a language designed to simplify and enhance your development experience. With its intuitive syntax and robust feature set, Water empowers developers to efficiently create, consume, and manipulate web services and XML data. Whether you’re building RESTful APIs, parsing XML documents, or integrating with third-party services, Water’s streamlined approach and comprehensive libraries make it a versatile and powerful choice. Join us as we uncover the intricacies of Water and see how it can elevate your web development projects to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Water 3 beta

With Water 3 beta now available,get a new Web services and all-purpose programming language that allows you to program in ConciseXML syntax.

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